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Jym reworks its protein bar for a softer texture with 16g of protein and just 150 calories

Jym Protein Bar 2024 Edition

The all-new Jym Protein Bar from Jim Stoppani and his reputable brand Jym Supplement Science has made its debut at the retail giant GNC, and the approach is quite different from the impressively lean original Jym Bar. The official launch of the product is at the end of the week, but does have it up a bit early where you can purchase a single box of a dozen bars at $39.99, and it does qualify for the retailer’s current buy two get one free offer, so if you grab three, you’re looking at $26.66 per pack.

As previously confirmed, the all-new Jym Protein Bar has a rich and hard chocolate base; then, on top of that is the main body, which varies in taste and texture from flavor to flavor, although regardless of the one you grab, it is incredibly smooth. There are two tastes available for the product in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with crispy protein-packed pieces spread throughout the snack, and the other one is Chocolate Coconut, a common combination of flavors that can be extremely enjoyable when done right.

Jym Protein Bar Label

Coming down to the nutrition and ingredients in the all-new Jym Protein Bar, of course, coming from Jim Stoppani and like the functionality of the original, you know everything in here has a purpose. The protein is a little lower than the usual 20g at 16; however, when you hear the calories, that won’t be a problem whatsoever.

Jym Supplement Science has paired that 16g of protein from whey and milk isolate, with 23g of carbohydrates, only 5g of that is net carbs with 2 to 3g of sugar, and a light 4 to 5g of fat, ending on an impressive 150 to 160 calories. As mentioned, you get slightly less protein than your typical protein bar, although that protein-to-calorie balance makes up for it. If you scale the nutrition or simply have one and a half of these, you get 24g of protein and 225 calories, beating out the common 20g of protein for 200 to 220 calories.