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Prime shows off Mahomes edition bottles in line with Super Bowl LVIII

Mahomes Prime Hydration Drink

Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage giant Prime has been doing special edition bottles since early on in its business, typically for major partnerships, such as the yellow-colored design for Logan Paul’s past appearance at Wrestlemania and the black-branded Prime Hydration when it became the official sports drink of the UFC. The explosive company has done many other limited-time variants since then that fans have been able to get their hands on, such as the regional Glowberries and the patterned Cherry Freeze exclusive to Walmart.

About a week ago, we got word on some more special edition bottles of the Prime Hydration Drink called Red vs Blue and Blue vs Red, put together for those atop the leaderboard of the company’s custom Fortnite map. Right in line with the Super Bowl, going down later today in Las Vegas, we’ve got details on yet another set of limited-edition Prime Hydrations. There are two, fittingly themed around the brand’s star ambassador competing in the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes, with his name plastered across where the flavor is usually called out.

There have been two Mahomes Prime Hydration Drinks shown off in the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs; one is white with a red lid and a red logo bordered in gold, and the other is red with a yellow cap and white logo, also bordered in gold. Unfortunately, as great as these look, we have no idea if they are going to be available at any point or if they’re just for show; either way, the preview is nicely timed around Super Bowl XVIII, where Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are going up against Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers.