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Project AD is bringing two completely new and mystery products to the Arnold Expo

Project Ad Mystery Arnold Products

The reputable Project AD or Anabolic Designs has joined the list of sports nutrition brands bringing something completely new and intriguing to the highly-anticipated Arnold Expo kicking off in less than 24 hours at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. To keep fans and even ourselves on the edge of our seats, the brand has not shared what any of its upcoming items are, only that there are two of them, and they’re coming in your typical powder bottles, so they are more than likely flavored supplements.

To further add to the mystery, Project AD has not passed on any hints or clues for what either of its latest creations is, which could be new flavors for already available products or what we’re hoping for entirely new supplements. The good news is, the brand is going to have them at its booth at the Arnold Expo this weekend to sample and try firsthand, as well as purchase full-size units of them. Basically, we’re in the dark at the moment, but should be finding out and sharing what the two products are relatively soon.

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