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Signature Slender Blend gets a tastier gourmet spin-off in three mouth-watering flavors

Protein World Gourmet Slender Blend

Lifestyle brand Protein World in the UK has a new protein powder available that is separate from its mountain of other protein-based supplements like Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, the functional items Slender Mug Cake and Slender Porridge, and the recently released The Juicy Whey. Another one of the brand’s protein products is its flagship, the high-protein but also moderate-carbohydrate Slender Blend, which now has a more enjoyable, gourmet alternative in Gourmet Slender Blend.

Protein World’s Gourmet Slender Blend is indeed, as per the name, a similar supplement to the original Slender Blend in terms of ingredients and nutrition; although the taste and texture are said to be a step up, hence the “Gourmet” callout. Unfortunately, the brand has not put up the exact ingredients that are in Gourmet Slender Blend or even any of its macros, only the description that it’s built around the purpose of Slender Blend, and with that small amount of information, it is taking pre-orders through its website.

If you’re a fan of Protein World and can trust its approach in Gourmet Slender Blend without knowing specifics like ingredients and nutrition, you can secure yourself a tub of the product over at for £34 (43.01 USD). That is the same as a 1.2kg bag of Slender Blend, but we are unsure of the weight of the Gourmet spin-off. We can confirm there are three flavors for the better-tasting protein, and they do sound delicious in Death By Chocolate, Millionaire’s Cheesecake, and Banana Caramel Dream.