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Celsius Essentials hitting shelves outside of 7-Eleven including two new flavors at Walmart

Celsius Essentials Energy Drink Outside Of 7 Eleven

Celsius Essentials is a more sport and performance-style energy drink from the hugely successful beverage company Celsius, offering an alternative experience in many different ways. The product still has some vitamins and metabolism components, plus added amino acids and a much higher hit of caffeine at 270mg, all with zero sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. The taste of the energy drink is also very different in its sweeter, fruitier flavors, including Blue Crush, Orangesicle, Cherry Limeade, and Dragonberry.

When it was announced that the Celsius Essentials energy drink had become available, it was introduced exclusively through the convenience store chain 7-Eleven as well as its subsidiaries like Speedway. That is no longer the case, as you can now purchase the sports performance beverage in locations outside of 7-Eleven, including supplement stores like The Vitamin Shoppe. The specialty retailer is carrying the beverage in all four of its original flavors, selling full-size 12-can cases at $29.99, which is $2.50 each.

Walmart is another place now stocking the Celsius Essentials energy drink, and if you’ve already become a fan of the brand’s latest innovation, you have a good reason to visit the supermarket giant. Walmart is carrying the two flavor extensions confirmed for the beverage a couple of months ago in Mango Tango and Fruit Burst. The retailer, however, only appears to be selling them in a variety box where you get a set of a dozen, divided up into four each of Mango Tango, Fruit Burst, and the citrusy Orangsicle.