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Strawberry Banana has been put together for Prime’s Hydration Sticks and its sports drink

Strawberry Banana Prime Hydration Sticks

Prime announced the newest flavor of its signature sports drink yesterday with Strawberry Banana, which the brand from Logan Paul and KSI came out and said was the most requested flavor from its legion of loyal fans and followers. The Strawberry Banana Prime Hydration Drink is already apparently in stores across the country, offering its sweet and smooth blend of the two title fruits, and as we’ve seen it do many times before, the latest taste the team has cooked up is not only for its electrolyte-backed beverage.

Like every other ongoing flavor available for the Prime Hydration Drink, the new Strawberry Banana has been produced for both of its products in the overall category of hydration, in the sports drink and Prime Hydration Sticks. Just like the beverage, the Strawberry Banana Prime Hydration Sticks have an eye-catching pink-to-yellow color gradient to their branding, and they, too, are already said to be in stores; if not, they will show up shortly. As you’d expect, the product combines that strawberry and banana-filled flavor experience with the hydration benefits of Prime all squeezed into a small stick pack of powder.