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At long last Quest’s Frosted Cookies get a third flavor in Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake Quest Frosted Cookies

While Quest Nutrition is no stranger to adding new flavors to some of its already available protein snacks, functional treats, and various other products, there are some items that don’t get as much attention when it comes to extensions or expansions. The hugely popular and internationally available brand did just revamp its milkshake-like Quest Protein Shake with a new look and improved taste, and now this week, we have a Quest protein snack that hasn’t had anything added to its menu since it came to market almost three years ago.

Quest Nutrition is finally giving back to its soft, sweet, and cake-like Quest Frosted Cookies, packing 10 to 11g of protein per two bite-sized cake bites and an impressive 2g of net carbohydrates. That product made its debut in Birthday Cake and Chocolate Cake flavors, and now there is finally a third taste for fans to choose from with sweet Strawberry Cake Quest Frosted Cookies. They have similar macros to the other two, with 10g of protein across two pieces, 2g of net carbohydrates, just a gram of that sugar, 14g of fat, and 200 calories.

As per usual, one of the first places fans and followers of the functional food innovators is its own online store, where you’ll pay $22.99 for a box of eight packs, each with two frosted cookies, combining to provide that 10g of protein. There is a bulk bundle as well, although you need to be prepared to truly buy into the product as it’s six boxes of eight, and that gets you a slight discount of about 4% down to $22.16 a box.