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Blessed brings its plant-powered protein approach to pancakes in three delicious flavors

Blessed Pancakes

Blessed is the plant-based brand from the OxyShred maker EHP Labs, and it has come a long way since its debut with the original Blessed Protein Powder. There have been several other releases under the Blessed line, including a convenient Blessed Protein Bar and something for the hard-gainers out there in the high-calorie Blessed Gainz. The sub-brand continues that expansion this month with another fitting, protein-based supplement, which you can figure out by the name in Blessed Pancakes.

EHP Labs and Blessed’s newly released Blessed Pancakes takes that same approach seen in the original protein powder and squeezes it into fluffy and delicious pancakes. Blessed Pancakes is a bulk powder supplement that you simply combine with water, mix into a batter, then throw on the frying pan to cook and serve like regular pancakes. The difference here is these pancakes are plant-based and high in protein, with 15 to 16g a serving, a bit more than that in carbohydrates at 22 to 25g, and 160 to 190 calories.

Blessed Pancakes certainly aren’t as lean as the regular Blessed Protein Powder, but they offer a nice, better-for-you alternative to traditional pancakes thanks to that heightened level of protein, although it is alongside a fair amount of carbohydrates. The functional food is made with a clear set of ingredients, where most of the protein comes from a blend of wheat, potato, and pea isolate protein, and the carbohydrates get most of their number from oat flour.

The first place you can go and purchase a bag of Blessed Pancakes is directly through the EHP Labs’ online store at, and the price is not too high at $14.99, however you don’t get too many servings per pouch at five. There are a few flavors to choose from, all of them sounding quite enjoyable and suitable for that good morning window in Maple Glazed, Very Berry made with actual strawberries and blueberries, and lastly, Chocolate Chip, which, of course, has dark chocolate chips throughout it.