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Jocko continues its run of innovation with a specialized magnesium cocktail

Jocko Magnesium

Jocko Willink’s brand, Jocko Fuel, has been impressively busy these last few months, revealing and releasing several products, including a Sweet Cream Coffee flavor of the Jocko Molk RTD, the nootropic Brain Power, and a revamped version of its testosterone booster Combat Tested. Jocko and his sports nutrition brand are continuing that run of innovation this week with the launch of something a little less advanced but similarly new and exciting with the magnesium supplement Jocko Magnesium.

The all-new Jocko Magnesium is a dedicated magnesium cocktail, bringing together three main forms of the crucial mineral with magnesium citrate at 128mg a serving, magnesium glycinate at 100mg, and magnesium threonate at 72mg, all combining to provide a total of 300mg of magnesium. The primary ingredient is known for all sorts of health and wellness benefits, including improved muscle relaxation for better sleep, cognition health, optimized recovery and soreness, and even enhanced digestion.

Jocko Magnesium can be used alongside any of the other supplements under the banner of Jocko Willink’s brand Jocko Fuel, including other offerings it has in the health and wellness area like the supremely advanced Time War, the superfood-filled Jocko Greens, and Jocko Joint Warfare. Directly through the brand’s online store, you’ll pay $29.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, or if you want to subscribe and get a bottle every month, that can come down 10% to $26.99.

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