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Hydration Multiplier makes its UK debut in the major retailers Boots and Sainsbury’s

Liquid Iv Brings Hydration Multiplier To The Uk

It’s very clear that the stick-pack hydration supplement company Liquid IV has been incredibly successful in the highly competitive US market, proudly promoting itself as the number-one-selling powdered hydration product. It can be found all over the place, in specialty retailers as well as mainstream outlets like Walmart and Target. The sports nutrition brand has pumped out numerous flavors for its signature supplement, Hydration Multiplier, and rather recently, it added a version for kids and one without any sugar.

Liquid IV has gone across the pond this week and made its debut in the United Kingdom, but not in the traditional sports nutrition way of partnering with a specific retailer or distributor. Liquid IV has officially launched in the region with its signature Hydration Multiplier in boxes of 16 single-serving stick packs, and in three of its many flavors with Lemon Lime, Passionfruit, and Strawberry. Those are currently rolling out into the UK’s pharmacy and supermarket giants, Boots and Sainburys, with almost 4,000 locations collectively.

On the inside, formula wise, Liquid IV’s Hydration Multiplier in the UK has the same sort of focus and benefits as the original in the US. It is designed entirely to support and improve hydration and performance, and the ingredients in it are practically identical. The electrolyte balance breaks down into 570mg of sodium and 370mg of potassium, alongside a variety of B vitamins and 73mg of vitamin C. The brand obviously has more flavors and varieties in the market of its home country, and while they’re not in the UK right out of the gate, we imagine they’ll be brought over as it finds more success and distribution.