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Origin Pump Pre-Workout swaps energy for focus and keeps the pump and performance

Myprotein Origin Pump Pre Workout

The third and final entry in Myprotein’s Origin Series alongside the signature Origin Pre-Workout and Origin Dry Scoop Pre-Workout — built specifically to be consumed by way of the dry scoop method — is Origin Pump Pre-Workout. The purpose of this supplement is slightly different from the other two, which, as we’ve established, have virtually the same ingredients and dosages, where Pump is built to elevate pumps and performance, and mental focus instead of energy.

Myprotein’s Origin Pump Pre-Workout is basically the stimulant-free alternative in the Origin Series, as it doesn’t have anything for pumps that the other Origin supplements don’t, with 8g of citrulline malate per serving and 4g of arginine AKG. The Pump-named product also has beta-alanine like the other Origin offerings at 3.5g of a serving to support performance.

Where Origin Pump Pre-Workout separates itself from Origin Pre-Workout and Origin Dry Scoop Pre-Workout is instead of caffeine at around 300mg and theanine for a smoother energy effect, there are two nootropic ingredients. In place of the caffeine and theanine is 250mg of tyrosine and 490mg of choline bitartrate. They’ll certainly help fill the gap left behind by the caffeine and allow Origin Pump to cover all of the core areas a pre-workout can without stimulants.

Like the full-size, non-dry scoop version of Origin Pre-Workout, Myprotein’s Origin Pump Pre-Workout has a full 30 servings a bottle and is exactly the same price as the star of the Origin family at £28.99 (37.14 USD). Unfortunately, if you want to go the stimulant-free route and prefer the nootropic feel of tyrosine and choline over the stimulating caffeine, there is only one flavor available for Origin Pump in Sour Apples, the same lone taste as Origin Dry Scoop has.