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Naughty Boy formulates a cost-competitive testosterone booster priced at £24.99

Naughty Boy Bull Head

Naughty Boy has been incredibly impressive in the first couple of months of the year, showing that it means business following its promise of launching over 100 different SKUs or items this year, many of which we’ve already seen. The brand has revealed the likes of its hybrid Cognizin-powered hydration competitor Hydra-Mind, a dedicated stress-reducing supplement backed by KSM-66, and a pre-workout-style Menace Shot, and we have another one to share this week in Bull Head.

Naughty Boy’s Bull Head is going to be another testosterone-boosting muscle builder, similar in category and purpose to Sigma, although this one relies on a very different set of ingredients, meaning it can be used alongside something like that for even greater results. The UK-based brand has brought together five main components for Bull Head, all of which have been used before, but they are certainly not common, like the classic tribulus, fenugreek, and longjack.

Naughty Boy Bull Head Label

To naturally boost testosterone and, in turn, help build muscle strength and size, Naughty Boy has stacked Bull Head with spilanthese acmella at half a gram a serving, catuaba bark extract at that same amount, 50mg of acacetin, and 400mg of cistanche. The fifth and final ingredient in the formula is on the more premium and proven side with shilajit, but not standard shilajit, it is the patent-protected and clinically tested PrimaVie at 200mg, proven to increase free and total testosterone levels as well as performance and endurance.

Naughty Boy typcially previews supplements and theiur formulas long before they become available in retailers or even its own online store, and that is the case here with Bull Head, as for now, only the ingredients and dosages have been shared. With all of that said, the brand does plan on launching its latest testosterone-powering muscle builder shortly at a cost-effective £24.99 a bottle, but keep in mind it has a lot going on, something fans will be very well aware of.