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Quest introduces a crispy and crunchy puff snack packing 17g of protein a bag

Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs

Functional food innovator Quest Nutrition, which famously sold to Simply Good Foods back in 2019 for one billion dollars, has been incredibly impressive these last few years when it comes to introducing completely new products beyond its original and signature Quest Protein Bar. Most recently, the brand dropped its first flavor extension for Quest Frosted Cookies in Strawberry Cake and revamped its delicious Quest Protein Shake, and here today, we have something completely new in Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs.

Quest Nutrition’s all-new Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs are light 28g bags of crispy and crunchy puffs pieces that are incredibly easy to bite through, packed full of flavor, but most importantly and as you’d expect from the functional brand, the nutrition is on-point. The puff-style protein snack provides an impressively high 17g of protein, again, that is 17g from a 28g or 1oz serving, with 4.5g of fat, 3 to 4g of carbohydrates, only 2g of that is sugar, and 130 calories, a similar balance to the Quest Protein Chips.

Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs clearly comes through in the macro department and will undoubtedly deliver on taste and texture as we’ve seen in its many other high-protein products, and it does so here with two classic puff flavors in Cheddar and something with a bit of extra fire in Spicy. One of the first places you can go to get your hands on the latest from Quest Nutrition is its own website where you’ll pay $10.99 for a box of four bags of Crunchy Protein Puffs, $29.99 for the less cost-effective ten pack, or get 24 at $59.94.