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Year-and-a-half-old Crunch Protein Bar from Applied gets even crunchier and tastier

Applied Improved Crunch Protein Bar

The internationally successful applied nutrition from the UK has relaunched one of its many different protein snacks in the Crunch Protein bar, which actually only hit the market about one and a half years ago. The relaunch involves a number of different components, including a fresh new look and an improved taste, texture, and overall eating experience. You still get all of these same great nutrition highlights, meaning it is nothing but positive changes for the protein snack.

You can get a glimpse of the updated Applied Nutrition Crunch Protein Bar in the image above, with a much more colorful appearance. That was somewhat the case in the previous version, although in the revamp, the colors are flat, a bit more vibrant, and have been allowed to stand out a little bit better. As mentioned, the macros have remained relatively the same for the updated snack, including 21g of protein in a typically sized 60g bar, and the sugar is nice at low at a single gram.

Applied Nutrition’s tastier and apparently also crunchier Crunch Protein Bar is in the process of making its way to market, and the move to the new and improved version is made even easier as the flavors it has available are exactly the same with Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Caramel, and White Chocolate Caramel.