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Enhanced Labs rebirth leads to a whole new competitor for the pre-workout category

Enhanced Labs Maximus Stim

Enhanced Labs kicked off its complete brand overhaul last week with the reveal of its badass new look and feel, a drastic change from its signature black and red. The evolution doesn’t stop at cosmetic either; the long-running sports nutrition competitor is introducing a whole bunch of all-new supplements alongside it. We got a glimpse of and posted about many of those over the last few days, including the testosterone booster Top T, the intra-workout Intra Fuel, and the superior protein powder iO Premium Whey.

Maximus Stim is the latest rollout from the renewed Enhanced Labs, and it is classified as a high-stimulant pre-workout. The brand has had a reasonably strong presence in the saturated category over the years, with Rage spawning many different sequels and spin-offs. Maximus Stim appears to be taking over that position as Enhanced Labs’ premier pre-workout, and the formula it’s packing will likely see no complaints from fans either, as it is a robust and well-rounded product.

Enhanced Labs has brought a very premium approach in its new pre-workout Maximus Stim, filling it with many reliable standard ingredients and just as many branded components. Driving the pumps and performance in the supplement is a solid 6g of pure citrulline, a gram of taurine, 1.5g of betaine, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, a gram of the premium performance-powering PeakO2 mushroom blend, and another proven feature with elevATP at an effective 150mg in Maximus Stim’s sizeable 20g serving.

Enhanced Labs Maximus Stim Label

Then, on the other side of the formula, Enhanced Labs has all of the energy and focus ingredients for Maximus Stim, and there is plenty there to ensure you get the level of intensity you’d expect from the hardcore branding this has. Powering home the experience in Maximus Stim is 150mg of NeuroRush, 300mg of Genius Pure’s high 90% alpha-GPC, 350mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, a gram of regular tyrosine, Compound Solutions’ duo of Dynamine and TeaCrine at 125mg and 63mg, and 302mg of PurCaf natural caffeine.

Like the many other completely new supplements from Enhanced Labs and its revamp, or as it’s referring to it, rebirth, Maximus Stim can be purchased directly through its official online store over at The brand has priced it in the more common range for the pre-workout space these days at $49.99 for a bottle of 20 maximum servings, or subscribe and get in on Enhanced’s immediate 15% discount. There is also only one flavor to choose from for Maximus Stim to start in a candy-inspired Sour Gummy.