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Fried Chicken Prime is not a prank and is a sports drink that actually tastes like fried chicken

Fried Chicken Prime Hydration Is Real

One of the more entertaining pranks from April Fools’ Day was Prime’s KFC-inspired Fried Chicken flavor of its signature Prime Hydration Drink. It had all the hallmarks of a well-put-together joke, with the brand actually crafting the product itself and showing it off in actual photographs. Similar to a few other announcements from the occasion, it has turned out that the Fried Chicken Prime Hydration Drink was not a prank and is actually something the team made.

The Fried Chicken Prime Hydration Drink is a real thing, with bottles of the product being product, featuring all of the sports drink’s usual highlights of electrolytes and low sugar but with a presumably unforgettable fried chicken flavor. Units of the special edition taste have indeed made it out to ambassadors, and for further confirmation, we reached out to Prime itself, which told us it does have a fried chicken taste despite how extremely unique and intriguing that is.

We’re not sure how the initial distribution of the Fried Chicken Prime Hydration Drink was planned and played out, but again, several ambassadors did get their hands on bottles of the beverage. With that said, the brand has confirmed there will be opportunities in the near future for fans to get their hands on units of the limited fried chicken sports drink, which, once again, is not an April Fools’ Day prank.