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Infinis stacks in its dedicated stress and relaxation supplement with 12 key ingredients

Infinis Nutrition Calm

Infinis Nutrition has revealed and released its third new supplement in just a few weeks with the dedicated calming, relaxing, and destressing product appropriately named Infinis Calm. The brand is known for putting together supremely advanced formulas with a wide variety of ingredients, including several premium, proven, and high-quality components. That approach has continued here with Calm, but again, for the very specific purpose of helping you relax and unwind.

While relaxation isn’t a completely new category of supplements, it is rarely touched on by sports nutrition companies of any caliber, let alone the fast-growing newcomer Infinis Nutrition. Either way, the powerhouse competitor has decided it’s important enough to be its fifth-ever product and brought together 12 main ingredients to get the job done, and it is one of the most comprehensive formulas we’ve seen for this specialized and very uncommon type of supplement.

Infinis Nutrition Calm Label

In typical Infinis Nutrition style, Calm has a host of branded ingredients; in fact, all but three of them are, with the three that aren’t being theanine, magnolia bark extract saffron. Alongside that is 300mg of SunPS phosphatidylserine, another 300mg of the recovery and sleep-supporting Levagen, Yes-10, RhodioPrime rhodiola, 120mg of Shoden ashwagandha, FastBliss anandamide¬†for stress release, 25mg of Zembrin sceletium tortuosum also known as kanna, and Albion and Sucrosomial magnesium.

We’ve got the facts panel shared above for Infinis Nutrition’s Calm above, and as you can see, the brand has delivered just as well as it did in Ultra Pre-Workout, Ultra Greens, Brain, and Hydration. The reputable company has stacked the hell out of the formula, and all for the purpose of supporting relaxation, stress, and calm. It is important to note that controlling those sorts of things can lead to several other sports benefits, like weight loss, better performance, and muscle building.

Infinis Nutrition has decided to launch its relaxation supplement on Saturday this time around, not Monday like it did Brain and Hydration, where you can head straight to its online store today and purchase a full-size bottle of 20 servings of its latest effort at $54.99.