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Infinis continues its release rampage with the preview of a product dedicated to relaxation

Infinis Nutrition Unveils Calm

Infinis Nutrition has been on a rampage these last few weeks, revealing and releasing two powerhouse supplements, matching the premium standard of formulations seen in its first two products — Ultra Pre-Workout and Ultra Greens — with the performance enhancing Hydration and the nootropic Brain. The train is not stopping, not anytime soon, and here today, we have details of yet another completely new supplement coming soon from the growing newcomer in the relaxation offering, Infinis Calm.

The details we have so far on Infinis Nutrition’s next innovation, as well as its third release for the year and fifth product overall, is that it is dedicated entirely to helping you relax, unwind, and destress. Some of the key benefits the reputable brand promises for the supplement are better mood, an uplifting mental state of mind, and, again, decreased stress. This sort of product is perfect to close out your day to help you clear your mind in the evening or take it before bed to ease you into a deep, relaxing sleep.

As seen in all of its supplements so far, even its incredibly competitively priced Hydration, Infinis Nutrition will be packing out Calm with an extensive selection of ingredients and dosages, many of those features being quality branded ingredients like RhodioPrime, Shoden ashwagandha, and Levagen palmitoylethanolamide. Full details on what is in Infinis Calm is expected to be shared in the coming days, and the launch is actually happening this Saturday as opposed to Monday like with Hydration and Brain.