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Big puts several colorful Lacasitos candy pieces in every bite of its latest authentic collaboration

Lacasitos Big Protein Bar

Lacasitos is the popular M&M’s-like candy in Spain, which local sports nutrition powerhouse Big has teamed up with on a couple of occasions to turn the colorful shell-covered chocolate treat into a flavor of some of its most popular products. That has resulted in an authentic Lacasitos option for the brand’s clean and nutritious cream of rice as well as three of its protein powders — CFM ISO Zero, Only Whey Zeo, and Micellar Casein — and now it’s moving to the Big Protein Bar.

One of the latest authentic collaborations from Big is indeed a Lacasitos Big Protein Bar, and it involves the local, classic candy in the best way possible. The edible item features a typical doughy base layer, then on top of that, before it’s all covered in milk chocolate, there is a creamy layer filled with actual Lacasitos pieces. Basically, with every bite you take into the moderately-sized protein bar, you get a thick base, realistic milk chocolate on the outside, and crunchy flavorful Lacasitos.

The Lacasitos Big Protein Bar is similar to the M&M’s Protein Bar Mars has available in the UK and Europe, but again, here you’ve got the domesitcally popular Lacasitos candy. The macros of the product are still in the same sort of area as the other options the brand has available, with 17.5g of protein, 27.9g of carbohydrates, 5g of that sugar, 7.9g of fat, and a reasonable 226 calories. The Lacasitos-filled snack is out and available in Big’s home country of Spain both direct and retail partners.

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