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Pear Blaze pushes the menu of Viking Power’s signature pre-workout to a total of five

Viking Power Pear Blaze Thors Hammer

As they say, good things come in threes, and that is the case this week for MM Sports’ powerhouse premium supplement company, Viking Power. Over the last few days, the winner of our International Brand Of The Year for 2023 has dropped two completely new products in the natural anabolic Gleipnir and the stimulant-free fat burner Loki. To close out the week, Viking Power has released another flavor for one of its longer-running items in the well-rounded, cost-competitive pre-workout Thor’s Hammer Mjölner.

For as long as Viking Power’s mainstream-level pre-workout has been around, it doesn’t have all that many flavors to choose from, with four up until its latest extension in Peach Fury, Lemon Rive, Frozen Cola, and Strawberry Storm. Coming on board and pushing the menu of the product to a total of five is another fruit-based taste like Peach Fury and Strawberry Storm, with Pear Blaze, a common type of taste in MM Sports and Viking Power’s home country of Sweden, and you can get it now over at

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