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Viking Power’s premium creatine is now available in a stackable Unflavored option

Viking Power Unflavored Kraken

Our International Brand Of The Year for 2024, Viking Power, has not slowed down at all this year, pumping out all sorts of supplements in the first three months of 2023, introducing the creative appetite enhancer Hrungnir, the support formula Heimdall, and the immunity product Helm Of Awe. There are plenty of other completely new supplements in the works and coming soon from the powerhouse house brand, but this week, Viking Power is turning its focus to its premium creatine Kraken.

The multi-creatine product featuring eight different creatine sources for a combined 5g a serving, plus betaine, taurine, and GlycerSize glycerol, was previously only available in actual flavors with a refreshing Mango and unique Sour Cola. While flavors don’t mean you can’t mix Kraken with other supplements, they don’t make it easy, although beginning this month, Viking Power has made that significantly more possible with an Unflavored option for the same price as Mango and Cola.

Viking Power’s more stackable Unflavored Kraken is available for purchase directly from MM Sports’ online store at 349 SEK (31.97 USD) for a tub of 25 servings, again, the same cost and number of servings as the actual flavors, so for the same value you get the freedom to stack Kraken.