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After three years of monthly flavors Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series comes to an end

Alpha Lion Ends Its Pre Workout Of The Month Series

After years of consistently coming out with something new and different every month, in fact, in its early years it had two special edition flavors a month; Alpha Lion is calling it for its incredibly impressive Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. Fans of the sports nutrition brand will be more than familiar with the whole thing, as over the last few years, Alpha Lion has been launching a limited-time flavor or two each month for one or two of its pre-workouts, and this week marks the final time we’ll be seeing that from the brand.

Alpha Lion has confirmed that its limited edition products for the month of May are the end of the Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, and they are live for the next couple of days or until they sell out with Berrymelon Breeze for Superhuman Pre and Superhuman Pump. While it’s certainly tough to see the continued creativity and excitement of a new flavor every month, stop; you have to applaud Alpha Lion’s effort over the years as the series is not something we’ve seen replicated with that consistency ever before.

This is not to say Alpha Lion won’t be doing any more limited-time tastes for its Superhuman pre-workouts or any other products it has available, only that there won’t be a consistent special edition drop every month. There have been brands that did something similar to what Alpha Lion has pumped out over the last few years, but again, none at the consistency or length of time, as the first Pre-Workout Of The Month came to market back in April of 2021, meaning it’s been three years straight of monthly flavors.