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CTRL gets together the classic Rainbow Six: Siege for a delicious flavor of its Protein Cookie

Ctrl X Rainbow Six Black Ice Chocolate Cookie

The gaming nutrition company CTRL has revealed and released an authentic collaboration, and it is an extremely fitting one for the type of brand that it is. CTRL has actually got together with the iconic Ubisoft first-person shooter, Rainbow Six, which had its first-ever entry in what is now an extensive series all the way back in 1998. The nutrition specialist has specifically partnered with Rainbow Six: Siege, a game released back in 2015 on all the platforms you could want with PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

As awesome of a collaboration as CTRL and Rainbow Six: Siege is, the product that has come out of the whole thing is even better. The gaming nutrition brand has created and themed an entirely new flavor of its soft, crumbly, and flavorful Protein Cookie around Rainbow Six, which looks and sounds delicious. The innovation is called Black Ice Chocolate, featuring a rich chocolate cookie, chunks of white chocolate throughout, and a dusting all across the top, pairing perfectly with the name Black Ice Chocolate.

Ctrl X Rainbow Six Protein Cookie

CTRL does keep the nutrition consistent in its Black Ice Chocolate Protein Cookie next to the other options, with 15g of protein per piece from high-quality whey, 24g of carbohydrates, less than half of that is sugar, 9g of fat, and a calorie count of 240. If you’ve been smart enough to try the CTRL Protein Cookie, you’ll know this flavor won’t disappoint, as it is genuinely smooth and crumbly, and you can get the new Rainbow Six: Siege flavor starting today at for $39.99 for a box of a dozen.

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