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Prime puts a smooth blend of orange and vanilla in the newest flavor of its energy drink

Dream Pop Prime Energy Drink

Prime has been pumping out all sorts of flavors for its original and highly successful beverage, the Prime Hydration Drink, some of them ongoing, some special editions, and even some exclusives only available in certain locations. There is, of course, another beverage available from Logan Paul and KSI’s brand that hasn’t been added to as much in the sweet-tasting Prime Energy Drink, featuring 200mg of caffeine per can, which varies in other markets around the world.

The last time Prime added an option to the menu of the Prime Energy Drink was a little more than half a year ago, near the end of last year, with the white-colored, doodle-covered, and on-point grapefruit flavor simply named Original. Fans of that particular product will be pleased to know that another flavor has been released for the energizing beverage, and it’s one many other competitors have attempted in an orange creamsicle-like Dream Pop Prime Energy Drink.

You get all of the product’s usual features and highlights, including that energizing 200mg of caffeine mentioned above, a moderate 355mg of electrolytes for hydration, and zero sugar for a light and low ten calories per can. The all-new Dream Pop Prime Energy Drink and its smooth orange and vanilla flavor combination are already making their way out to stores, and it is said to be exclusive to the major US market, with no plans on taking it elsewhere for the time being.

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