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Prime partners with superstar Erling Haaland and makes his own signature flavor

Erling Haaland Prime Hydration Drink

Prime has become known for signing major ambassadors and athletes, and sometimes it isn’t just an individual, it’s the entire team like the LA Dodgers, which spawned the special edition Dodgers Prime Hydration Drink found in stores in alternative white and blue designs. The beverage brand recently did the same sort of thing but over in the UK, partnering with the legendary football team Arsenal and that too created its own product in the completely new Goalberry flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink.

The latest ambassador announcement out of Prime is that it has once again elevated its presence in the world of football by signing superstar Erling Haaland from Manchester City. Unlike the Prime Hydration Drink for the LA Dodgers, and more like the one with Arsenal, the Haaland partnership has resulted in the creation of an all-new flavor. Prime and the professional football player have produced a signature Erling Haaland Prime Hydration Drink featuring a classic fruity blend of strawberry and lemonade.

Prime and Erling Haaland’s Prime Hydration Drink not only has a fresh new flavor for fans to experience but it also has its own unmissable eye-catching design. The collaboration is covered in lime green with a popping pink lid and logo, and at the top over Haaland’s name is his signature in gold. This is all alongside the usual ingredients and highlights of the popular Prime sports drink with a blend of electrolytes to support hydration, almost no sugar at 2g, and reasonably low calorie count of 20.