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Ghost delivers a strong fruity flavor in its first clear protein powder

Ghost Clear Protein Review

Ghost and Sydney Cummings’ collaboration is a collection of four supplements in a refreshingly new Summertime Punch flavor with Ghost Glow, Ghost Greens, Ghost Legend, and the first-ever clear protein powder from the brand in Ghost Clear Protein. The four-piece series is a limited launch, meaning it won’t be around forever, but seeing as the protein powder in the line is not something Ghost has ever had available before, we figured we’d take this one aside and let you know how well the brand delivers.


We took an alternative approach to reviewing Ghost’s Clear Protein purely because we’ve tried many of these before, and there are some things you can pick up on depending on the concentration. We put a serving in the directed 12oz of water as well as a separate double serving in the same amount. The latter is more our usual style anyway, and the thing is, clear proteins can have somewhat of a milky feeling left in your mouth and on your teeth, although it’s not that evident in the more concentrated approach.

Ghost Clear Protein Review

The single-scoop serving of Ghost Clear Protein in 12oz of water delivers more of a light and smooth flavor, and it also has a bit of the signature milky texture of clear-type protein powders. The double serving that we’d typically go with corrects both of those things, with an intense, fruity flavor that is much closer to a juice than the usual milkshake-like protein shake. The silky feeling in your mouth is next to non-existent, too; whether it’s the extra intense taste or the concentration, you end up with a pretty refreshing experience.

The overall flavor of Ghost Clear Protein isn’t something you can put a single taste on, although we do know it’s Summertime Punch, inspired by a Bahama Mama cocktail, blending orange and pineapple with a touch of coconut. It definitely feels like an intense fruity flavor, more orange if anything, but you do come off with that refreshing taste of clear protein over the indulgent dessert flavors of most protein powders, including Ghost Whey.

Ghost Clear Protein Review 1


Clear protein powders have been around for a while, although only recently in North America have they been picking up steam, with brands of all shapes and sizes creating a supplement in this style, Ghost being one of the latest and biggest. Ghost Clear Whey is a solid first outing, offering a distinctly different experience from typical protein shakes. We can only hope this is a stepping stone for the brand, and it has plans to expand into a whole family of flavors, as taste is something Ghost has always been strong in, as well as be able to improve and raise the bar on.