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The CICOBar is back and it looks like a very different candy bar-style product

Htlt Cicobar Candy Bar Style

Greg Doucette’s brand HTLT has done a few things to its first-ever functional food, the CICOBar — calories in calories out — since it came out, including a revamped version that’s softer and more flavorful, and even a gourmet spin-off at some point. The hard-working sports nutrition company has put together another iteration of the product to close out the month of May, maintaining the CICOBar name but drastically changing up the ingredients and build of the protein snack.

The completely refreshed HTLT CICOBar looks like a stick of the popular chocolate and caramel candy bar Twix, something that it shown off all across the rapper of the product. It features a dense and doughy center covered in mouthwateringly gooey caramel and then topped with a coat of milk chocolate. This is indeed a drastic shift from previous versions of the functional food, and, of course, coming from Coach Greg, fans are not let down when it comes to the nutrition side.

Despite how delicious HTLT’s updated CICOBar looks and sounds, it still has a solid set of macros led by 20g of protein from high-quality whey isolate, 33g of carbohydrates, 10g of that sugar and a gram of fiber, a low 6g of fat, and 230 calories. The protein-to-calorie ratio is right around most other reliable protein bars, although the experience looks like something new and very different, and the brand itself proudly promises this to be its softest protein bar to date.

You can head to and get your hands on the overhauled CICOBar straight away in the one Milky Crisp flavor. The brand has also kept the price exactly the same, with a box of a dozen of the candy bar-like CICOBar’s costing $35.99, working out to a nice and even $3 a piece.

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