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Liquid IV and Popsicle get together for an authentic Firecracker flavor of Hydration Multiplier

Liquid Iv Popsicle Firecracker Hydration Multiplier

A rebrand isn’t all the hydration powerhouse Liquid IV has gone through today; it has also added a fresh new flavor to the menu of its signature electrolyte-powered supplement, Hydration Multiplier. More importantly, the company’s extension isn’t just an ordinary flavor inspired by familiar fruits, food, or candy; it is Liquid IV’s first-ever authentic collaboration. Similar to Cellucor and its various C4 supplements, the brand has teamed up with the original ice pop Popsicle.

Liquid IV has specifically collaborated with Popsicle to transform its popular Bomb Pop-like, Firecracker popsicle into a flavor of Hydration Multiplier. Just like the nostalgic ice pop of the same name, the authentic Firecracker Hydration Multiplier is a four-flavor combination of cherry, lemon, lime, and blue raspberry, represented on the original product by its various colors. The collaboration features Liquid IV’s fresh new look and it comes in the supplement’s 16-pack bag and smaller box.

You can purchase Liquid IV and Popsicle’s genuine Firecracker Hydration Multiplier directly through, with all of its usual vitamins and minerals providing a total of 870mg of electrolytes. The Firecracker flavor is also the brand’s regular recipe, not its sugar-free alternative, giving it 13g of carbohydrates per stick pack, 11g of that being sugar. The price on Liquid IV’s website is $24.99, and that’ll get you a bag of 16 stick packs, with strong savings available for subscriptions.