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Protein ice cream legend Lohilo makes an all-new mouthwatering ice cream treat

Lohilo Ice Cream Bite

Lohilo makes all sorts of convenient on-the-go, better-for-you products, although the most impressive of the lot is its efforts in the frozen section, where it has a host of mouthwatering ice cream treats that make it difficult to believe how few calories they have based on their taste. We credit the Swedish innovator for being the maker of the best-tasting protein snack in the world — not protein bar — in its unforgettably amazing Ice Cream Bar, although it seems as though that has been replaced.

The never-disappointing Lohilo has introduced Ice Cream Bites, featuring the same sort of deliciousness and purpose as its protein-packed boxes of ice cream, being high in protein and low in calories. These are not the same but close to the original Ice Cream Bars, being round, pocket-sized treats that you could finish in a few bites. They have Lohilo’s widely available ice cream filling the center, then around the outside is a hard chocolate shell, once again, much like the Lohilo Ice Cream Bars.

The combination of these features is ridiculously tasty and most definitely a must-try for fans of functional foods. Lohilo has launched its Ice Cream Bites in five flavors, all of which are from its selection of protein ice cream, including Damn Good Bite with vanilla ice cream, loaded with crunchy caramel pieces, and all covered in chocolate. The macros on the treat are a light 2.4 to 3.8g of protein, 6 to 7g of fat, between 7 and 10g of carbohydrates, under 2g of sugar except for the Damn Good Bite flavor, and from 95 to 110 calories, and again, that’s all for an experience you won’t forget.

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