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Cory Gregory and Max Effort reveal their competitor for the exploding hydration space

Max Effort Muscle Ndr Hydrate

Max Effort Muscle has been in the sports nutrition industry for an incredible amount of time, owned by MusclePharm co-founder Cory Gregory, it expanded quickly frequently a few years ago but hasn’t made too much noise since. The last time we featured the popular brand was in January of last year when it revealed and released its more potent, harder-hitting pre-workout Pre X-Treme, featuring a potent half a gram of caffeine, although the latest from Max Effort Muscle involves something with absolutely no stimulants.

Like many other sports nutrition brands on the market at the moment, Max Effort Muscle has revealed it is getting into the hydration category with a supplement named NDR Hydrate. The goal of the product, like the mountain of others pouring into the space lately, is to replace the electrolytes your body loses during any form of exercise, which can be a lot. Supporting or supplementing this can result in many different and noticeable benefits, including improved performance and endurance, and better recovery.

While Max Effort Muscle’s NDR Hydrate is not available yet, the brand has shared its many main ingredients, and they’re all key electrolytes. Every single-serving stick pack of the supplement is going to provide a gram of sodium, 60mg of magnesium, 200mg of potassium, and 120mg of calcium, from quality sources like pink Himalayan salt and bioavailable forms of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Again, the supplement will be coming to market shortly, so fans will want to keep an eye out over at