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Rebel Nutrition packs plenty into its value-focused pre-workout priced just under $40

Rebel Nutrition Quickdraw

Newcomer Rebel Nutrition confirmed it was coming out with a more cost-effective, daily driver-style pre-workout in the earlier months of the year, and it would be called Quickdraw. Compared to the brand’s original competitor for the category in Rebellion, it would feature a simpler set of ingredients, with shallower support for familiar pre-workout benefits. The formula powering that experience has now been shared as we edge closer to the launch of Quickdraw.

Rebel Nutrition’s Quickdraw is again, going to be a more cost-effective product next to Rebellion, and we can tell you precisely how much better value it’ll be. The brand has said its second pre-workout is going to carry a regular ongoing price of $39.99 for a bottle of 20 maximum servings, compared to Rebellion at $59.99 for the same amount. Quickdraw is very simply 33% cheaper per serving or look at it as Rebellion is 50% more expensive, but again, you do get fewer ingredients and dosages compared to the flagship.

Rebel Nutrition Quickdraw Label

You can see the complete facts panel for Rebel Nutrition’s Quickdraw in the image above, and while it is a simpler supplement, it still covers several bases for a rather well-rounded pre-workout experience. It brings with it some respectable and robust dosages with a hefty 10g of straight citrulline powering pumps, a rare dose for a premium pre-workout, let alone a value-focused one like Quickdraw, plus a gram of taurine, pink Himalayan salt for hydration, the stimulating blend of Advantra Z, Zynamite, and caffeine, and lastly, the absorption enhancing AstraGin at its usual 50mg a serving.

Rebel Nutrition has indeed done a solid job making Quickdraw as well-dosed and comprehensive as it is, especially with its impressive 10g of straight citrulline to ensure strong support for muscle pumps. For the price point of $39.99, it’s a great extension to the brand’s catalog and an ideal alternative if you’re looking for something simpler or lighter next to Rebellion. You can view it the other way as well, where you run Quickdraw more often and call on Rebellion for days when you want something extra.