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5-Hour Energy blends strawberry and banana for a 7-Eleven-exclusive flavor of its energy shot

Summer Smoothie 5 Hour Energy Shot

A lot of the attention around 5-Hour Energy this week has been on its carbonated energy drink, with the energy shot dominator introducing a colorful new look for the product as well as two new flavors in Rainbow Sherbet and Rasperry Rizz. As fun and exciting as all of that has been, the signature 5-Hour Energy Shot has not been left out in the cold, as that has also received a bit of love in a similar fashion to the energy drink with a fresh new flavor to get your hands on.

The newly released taste for fans of the 5-Hour Energy Shot to choose from is a sweet and smooth fruity recipe named Summer Smoothie. The flavor extension combines strawberry and banana with the brand’s usual Extra Strength formula with 230mg of caffeine alongside taurine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, phenylalanine, and citicoline. There is a bit of a catch on this one though, as you won’t necessarily be seeing it in all of the places you usually find the top-selling 5-Hour Energy Shot.

The all-new Summer Smoothie 5-Hour Energy Shot has been released as an exclusive and can currently only be found and purchased from 7-Eleven and Speedway. Thankfully that is a pair of giant convenience stores, so while you may not find it at your preferred stockist, it won’t be far no matter your location.

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