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Unmatched’s fourth product uniquely combines EAAs and longevity ingredients

Unmatched Supplements Unveils Longevity Eaa

Just when we thought Kris Gethin and Doug Miller’s upcoming brand Unmatched Supplements might be done revealing the products it is planning to come out with, and get ready to make its debut, it has gone ahead and previewed yet another. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been introduced to three separate supplements that are coming soon from Unmatched in the pre-workout BH2K, the stimulant-free pre-workout Dissident, and the hybrid fat-burning hydration formula, Electro Shred.

There will indeed be a fourth product when Unmatched Supplements eventually hits the market; in fact, there may even be more than that, but for now, we have a first look at entry number four, and it is for another popular sports nutrition category. Longevity EAA is the latest product to be shared by the unreleased brand, featuring all nine essential amino acids to enhance muscle recovery and repair, and true to its name it will have another side to it, promising “longevity elements”.

The word longevity is almost always associated with things like anti-aging and cellular health when it comes to supplements, which is an interesting angle to be adding to something like an amino acid product. Unmatched Supplements appears to have done precisely that in Longevity EAA, and we’ll be finding out exactly what’s in there to support the benefits in the coming days, as it doesn’t usually take to long to go from the initial reveal to showing off the formula driving the experience.