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Erling Haaland’s signature Prime flavor showing up at the likes of Home Bargins and Iceland

Where To Buy Erling Haalands Strawberry Lemonade Prime

Those wondering where they can get their hands on the latest completely new flavor and special edition collaboration from the beverage giant Prime may have a little trouble finding it in stores if they’re not living over in the UK. The product we’re talking about is Erling Haaland’s signature Strawberry Lemonade Prime Hydration Drink, not only featuring a flavor that’s never been available before for the sports drink but also its own individual design combining a vibrant pink, electric lime green, and a gold autograph.

Similar to the special edition Goalberry flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink, which was put together with the legendary football team Arsenal, the Strawberry Lemonade Prime Hydration Drink is exclusive to Erling Haaland’s local UK market. There has been absolutely no mention of the product making its way here to the US, but it does sound as though it’ll be going across to Europe, as Prime itself has said that Haaland’s signature flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink is going to be hitting shelves in the likes of Germany.

For those of you in the UK, there are a few places you can get your hands on the Strawberry Lemonade Prime Hydration Drink, and they aren’t small or uncommon places to shop. The special edition flavor collaboration has been found at the giant variety store chain Home Bargains at just £1.99 a piece, and the supermarket Iceland also appears to have it, with its website listing it as available at the same sort of price.