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Ghost Intra launches this Saturday alongside a strong discount and plenty of freebies

Where To Buy Ghost Intra

This weekend fans and followers of Ghost are being treated to one of its biggest innovation launches in the world of sports nutrition in quite some time with Ghost Intra. It is an advanced evolution of sorts of its original amino supplement, Ghost Amino, bringing together a wider variety of ingredients for more complete intra-workout support. It has all nine essential amino acids to drive muscle recovery and repair, a host of components to power hydration, and premium features to enhance mental focus.

Ghost Intra is making its debut right on Ghost’s eighth birthday, the first day of June, which is this coming Saturday. There are going to be three flavors to choose from including a classic Blue Raspberry, a citrusy experience in Orange Squeeze, and being the brand to put them on the map, there is an authentic collaboration with Welch’s Grape. The product is expected to land in a similar price range to some of its other advanced sports nutrition items like Legend and Pump, somewhere in the $40 to 50 range.

If you’ve ever been around for a Ghost birthday celebration, you’ll know it involves plenty of unmissable deals and discounts, and for number eight, here in 2024, that is no different. The original lifestyle supplement company will be offering 25% off everything from Saturday to midnight Monday, as well as some surprise accessory drops. Orders will also get freebies thrown in with a sticker pack at $50, custom Ghost playing cards at $100, and a can cooler at $150, making for another unmissable birthday sale.