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Chaos and Pain follows its two protein products with a versatile carbohydrate powder

Chaos And Pain Cannibal Recovery

Chaos and Pain has released a couple of protein powders in the last month, in the premium isolate Cannibal ISO-Kraken and the high-calorie gainer Bulkamania, and it’s joined in on a popular trend, putting together something for the dedicated hydration category in Carnal Hydrate. The hardcore supplement company is remaining busy this week, introducing another completely new item by the name of Cannibal Recovery, which is a rather cost-effective and versatile intra-workout concoction.

Chaos and Pain sells its all-new Cannibal Recovery directly through its online store at $31.99, and that’ll get you a bottle of 50 servings, although with the type of product this is and the format it’s in, that could turn into more or less than 50. Cannibal Recovery is ideally suited for during your workout as well as post-workout, but it is flavored in Fruit Punch and Lemon Lime, so it’s easy to take standalone, like during a workout and after exercise so long as you don’t go mixing it with a protein powder.

The formula in Cannibal Recovery is relatively simple and versatile, as mentioned, as it is, first and foremost a carbohydrate supplement. Chaos and Pain has packed the product with 24g of carbohydrates per serving, all from two of the most common performance-fueling carb, maltodextrin and dextrose. There is another feature to Cannibal Recovery, albeit not a strongly supported one, with a little more than 100mg of combined electrolytes for hydration and help get you through your workout.