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Prime puts a Strawberry Lemonade flavor in Prime X and wraps it in four different designs

Prime X Flavor And Variants

Prime X is the latest flavor innovation for the popular Prime Hydration Drink from Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage giant Prime. It is an intricate launch as it is a lot more than a new taste for fans to experience; it also involves a treasure hunt that you have to collect map pieces for from bottles of Prime X, and it all leads to a grand prize of $1,000,000. The actual flavor is completely new for those of us here in the US but not so much in the UK, as it is the same one of its many special editions.

The official flavor description of Prime X for the pink and blue versions is Strawberry Lemonade, which, again, is not something those of you in the US have had access to. Fans of Prime in the UK may recognize that brief flavor outline as it is identical to that of last month’s Erling Haaland Signature flavor. With the words used to describe the flavor being the same, we have no reason not to think the beverages do indeed taste the same, and there are some label variants available.

Prime has released four different versions of its treasure hunt Prime X flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink, and while they may not look the same, inside, they all have a Strawberry Lemonade taste. There is a light blue and a pink Prime X, and each of those has a holographic variant, all-branded Prime X. As previously confirmed, the latest from Prime is launching worldwide in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, with stores all over the place showing up with it on shelves this week.