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Grenade inches closer to a potential authentic Biscoff flavor of its legendary protein bar

Potential Authentic Biscoff Grenade Protein Bar

Grenade’s collaboration with Oreo, which has so far resulted in two authentic and absolutely delicious flavors of the Grenade Protein Bar in Oreo and White Oreo, was one of the biggest developments we had seen for the legendary product in years. The brand elevated its game with the first classic Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, delivering an addictive chocolate, vanilla, and cookie experience that was soft, smooth, and indeed Oreo-like while still providing 20g of protein and just 220 calories.

It was three years ago that the food giant Mondelez acquired Grenade, and it was that development that we believed encouraged the Oreo collaboration, as Mondelez is indeed the owner of the iconic sandwich cookie. There are many other treats, snacks, and foods under the company’s banner, but one that was just connected to Mondelez this week could absolutely blow open the protein bar category as much as Oreo has, potentially even more so, especially with Grenade being so dominant in Europe.

Mondelez has officially come together with competitor Lotus for two reasons; the first part is for the Cadbury owner to produce and commercialize Lotus’ signature Biscoff caramelized biscuits in India. The other half is where things get interesting, as the pair are apparently working to develop chocolate products for specific regions of Europe. That is going to actually involve some co-branded collaborative innovations, with Biscoff and Milka in Europe and Biscoff and Cadbury in the UK.

While this doesn’t directly relate to the legendary Grenade Protein Bar, the health and nutrition brand didn’t waste time making use of Oreo when it was brought into the Mondelez family, so it’s no stretch to think Grenade isn’t already hard at work connecting and building a relationship. An authentic Biscoff Grenade Protein Bar would be a mammoth of a drop if it were to become a reality due to both the power of the brands as well as how incredibly popular Biscoff is across most of Europe.

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