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Unmatched Supplements makes its long-awaited debut at prices ranging from $35 to $60

As promised, Doug Miller and Kris Gethin’s new brand, Unmatched Supplements, has officially made its debut this week, becoming the fifth brand from Doug alongside Core Nutritionals, ‘Merica Labz, Arms Race, and MyoBlox, and the first dive into sports nutrition from Kris since departing Kaged. All seven of the products Unmatched has revealed and that we’ve broken down over the last few weeks, are available, and their pricing is definitely at the premium end of the categories each item belongs to.

The complete lineup Unmatched Supplements has stormed the sports nutrition industry with includes the pre-workouts BH2K and Dissident, the hybrid products Electra Shred and Longevity EAA, the protein powder Isolate, and the standalones, Immuno-IGG and CreGAAtine. Directly from the brand’s online store you’ll pay $59.99 for the pre-workouts and protein powder, $54.99 for Immuno, $44.99 for full-size tubs of Electra Shred and Longevity EAA, and the cheapest in the family is CreGAAtine at $34.99.

You can check out everything Doug Miller and Kris Gethin have to offer at Unmatched Supplements through the website — worldwide shipping available — and there are a couple of accessories on there, too, in a tee at $29.99 and a customized shaker bottle at $9.99, although that appears to have already sold out.