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Prime makes its Aaron Judge editions exclusive to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Where To Get Aaron Judge Prime Hydration Drink

Logan Paul and KSI’s sports drink powerhouse Prime has released its latest special edition bottle this week, and it is a collaboration, where the brand has got together with New York Yankees player Aaron Judge for his own signature bottle. The product features his name and shirt number and comes in two versions, both in the already available Cherry Freeze flavor; one covered in a New York Yankees uniform design colored white and navy blue, and the other inspired by Aaron Judge’s iconic baseball cleats.

The regular Aaron Judge Prime Hydration Drink with the New York Yankees uniform type branding is the standard, easier-to-find product, while the cleats creation in mint green with gold accents and navy blue text is more difficult to locate, and it’s limited. Another interesting detail well worth knowing about for those thinking about looking for the latest Prime collaboration is that it is currently exclusive to select retailers, including the supermarket Walmart, in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Basically, Aaron Judge’s reskinned Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink is not as easy to get as heading down to our local convenience store or supermarket and grabbing it off the shelf unless, of course, you live in one of those three states mentioned, and there are no plans to make it available online for now.