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Bull Nutrition includes an intriguing twist in its creatine where you get 10% more servings

Bull Nutrition Micronized Creatine

Bull Nutrition was a premier feature at this year’s Stack3d Pavilion at the Arnold Sports Festival, joining several other premium and reputable sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drinks. The Canadian company brought its signature pre-workout 12 Strong to the show and had a great reception, thanks to its well-rounded formula, which, true to its name, has 12 well-dosed ingredients. A second product has just been announced for the up-and-coming brand and it is dropping in stores within the next few weeks.

Bull Nutrition has unveiled a standalone creatine supplement in Micronized Creatine, launching in two sizes with an intriguing and value-focused twist to the amount of servings you get. Typically, bulk creatine products come in rounded sizes like 300g, 400g, and 500g. Bull’s Micronized Creatine has interestingly added 10% to two common sizes with a 440g bottle and 1.1-kilogram; so instead of getting 80 servings and 200 servings at the full and effective 5g of creatine monohydrate in each, you get 88 and 220.

Not only is Micronized Creatine Bull Nutrition’s second-ever supplement, second to the pre-workout 12 Strong, but it is also the first entry in the brand’s Performance Series, which is eventually going to include other single-ingredient products. Again, the standalone creatine is hitting the market later this month and should have an impact, as the larger, calculated sizes do offer a noteworthy twist to the classic creatine supplement and will undoubtedly have strong price points that give them a leg up on the competition.

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