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Jocko continues to fill out its line in 2024 with an entry into the business of weight loss

Jocko Burner

Jocko Willink’s brand, self-titled Jocko, has been quietly filling out its selection of sports nutrition supplements throughout the first half of the year, jumping into all sorts of key categories as well as introducing some substantial products alongside all of that. Due to all of that effort, the brand has a revamped testosterone booster, a dedicated nootropic, health essentials Magnesium and Fish Oil, and let’s not forget, its effective and impactful sports drink, Jocko Hydrate.

This week, Jocko Willink and his fast-growing brand, Jocko, have revealed and released another great addition to the line, and one that adds even more variety to its catalog with the weight loss supplement Jocko Burner. The brand has brought together a variety of reliable ingredients and dosages for its entry into the competitive fat burner category, and some of them aren’t exactly common but add a nice touch of creativity and effectiveness to the experience and, indeed, results.

Jocko Burner Label

To enhance energy, thermogenesis, metabolism, and improve glucose uptake and optimization, Jocko Burner comes with half a gram of green tea, another half-gram dose of acetyl-l-carnitine, 40mg of Caloriburn grains of paradise, and 150mg of 5-HTP. Supporting the glucose disposal side of the supplement and improving glucose uptake is the superior GlucoVantage dihydroberberine at a solid 200mg, then rounding it all out for some uplifting energy is 150mg of caffeine.

As always, the place to go to be one of the first to get your hands on Jocko Willink’s all-new weight loss supplement, Jocko Burner, is the official online store for Jocko at Through there, you’ll pay $44.99 for a bottle of 90 capsules, enough for a single month’s supply, or if you subscribe, you can bring that down to $40.49. There is also a pop-up where you can sign up to Jocko’s email list, and if you do that, you get a 20% discount on your order, lowering it even further to $35.99.