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Fish Oil continues Jocko’s consistent expansion in its selection of supplements

The last product drops from Jocko Fuel over the last couple of months have all been capsule supplements, and the majority of them have been complex and advanced items like the Dynamine and TeaCrine-backed nootropic Brain Power and the testosterone-boosting sequel Combat Tested 2.0. The simpler product we’ve seen from Jocko was the premium multi-source Magesnium, featuring three key forms of the mineral in magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, and magnesium threonate.

Jocko Willink’s Jocko Fuel has another basic supplement out this month named Fish Oil, as that is indeed primarily what it is; a standalone fish oil formula. The growing brand has packed each of its 60 softgels per bottle with 1.25g of fish oil concentrate, breaking down into 400mg of DHA and 550mg of EPA for the usual fish oil benefits of heart, brain, inflammation, and eye health. To aid in the health and wellness support of Jocko Fish Oil, there is also astaxanthin as a reliable source of antioxidants.

In every bottle of Jocko Fish Oil, you get the usual month’s supply at 30 servings, made up of two softgels a serving, in turn, giving you a combined 2.5g of fish oil per day. The price of the supplement directly from is $44.99, or save the usual 10% if you subscribe to receive it on a regular basis, bringing it down to $40.49.

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