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Prime reskins its Meta Moon flavor for a special edition WWE collaboration

Wwe Prime Hydration Drink

Similar to how it partnered with the mixed martial arts giant, the UFC, for its special edition UFC 300 bottle, the beverage behemoth Prime from Logan Paul and KSI, has gone and done the same with another entertainment giant it is a sponsor of. This time around, Prime has got together with WWE for a limited-time bottle of its signature sports drink, the Prime Hydration Drink, and just like the UFC 300 collaboration, this is a reskin of a previously released flavor of that product.

Prime and the WWE have produced a limited edition Prime Hydration Drink that’s covered in radical red and black streaks and rips, and, of course, the instantly recognizable logo of the wrestling organization. The product collaboration features all of the usual ingredients and dosages of the beverage, including electrolytes for hydration and a low 2g of sugar. The flavor of the WWE variant of the Prime Hydration Drink is one fans of the brand will be more than familiar with in Meta Moon.

The sports nutrition retailer GNC is one of the first places to stock Prime and WWE’s special edition collaboration or Meta Moon reskin, with cases costing the usual amount for a pack of 12 Prime Hydration Drinks from the supplement store at $29.99. It’s also worth keeping in mind, 4th Of July is right around the corner, and there is a good chance GNC will be running some sort of sale, giving you the chance to get your hands on Prime’s latest partnership product at some sort of discount.