Arrival of P6 Black Extreme, Cellucor end the suspense… For now

Cellucor P6 Black Extreme

After the announcement of Cellucor’s new M5 Reloaded, the brand dropped word on the return of one of their most legendary supplements. It was rumored pretty quickly that the mystery product was in fact P6 Black, and that it would be getting the Extreme treatment. Since it was the only exceptional supplement Cellucor ever discontinued it was relatively easy to come to that conclusion. Even though the official announcement has come as no surprise, it is nice to see the remodeled P6 Black in it’s extremely attractive black and chrome attire. No formula has been uploaded yet but the brand have revealed one ingredient, a novel form of DAA called d-aspartic acid magnesium chelate. The other detail that can be gathered is the serving size of 3 capsules, leaving some room for other features outside of the usually heavily dosed DAA. While Cellucor claim that the suspense has ended, fans will still be biting their fingers until they can hold P6 Black Extreme or at least see the facts panel.

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