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Pure-Amino’s mixability put to the test, Betancourt call out what looks to be USP Labs


Betancourt’s amino supplement Pure-Amino was originally previewed early last year building quite some hype. The formula was promoted with a 4:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, as well as the added benefit of NAC and selenium. To top it off, once the product was released more exciting information surfaced with an extremely competitive price, and a revitalizing 300mcg dose of vitamin B12. After finally getting a hold of Pure-Amino to review, it turned out to be just as good as we expected. Taking up the third spot on our top 5 recovery supplements. The reason we bring it back into relevance today is because Betancourt have uploaded a video going into detail about why their amino formula is better than it’s competitors. You can check out the 3 minute clip below to see the brand’s own Dustin Elliott comparing the mixability, and explaining why Pure-Amino’s leucine hit is better than the anybody elses. We’d also like to note that it may not be detailed and we can not be 100% sure. But the product Pure-Amino is challenging looks a lot like USP Lab’s Modern BCAA, if Betancourt slapped a label over the original bottle.

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