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Upcoming releases for the holiday season, more than 10 supplements to be on the look out for

Supplement releases coming in the next few weeks

With almost the entire year done and dusted there are a few supplement releases to go before 2013 moves in 2014. We would just like to quickly go over some of the exciting products we all have to look forward to for the coming holiday season. Expected to launch before the year is out are five additional Cor-Whey flavors from Cellucor, BSN’s fat burning formula Isoburn. Novel supplements like Lecheek’s updated Intratest, and Marc Lobliner’s MTS Macrolution. American Muscle‘s two upcoming products, the carbohydrate complex Karbine, and the pump supplement Show Off. A couple of spin off lines with BSN’s individual DNA Series (7+) and MRI’s Athlete Competitive range (6). As well as five well highly anticipated formulas with PhD’s shortly teased VMX², Purus Lab’s Amino D, Evogen’s pre-workout sequel EVP Plus. Omega’s new fat burner Shred XT, and the one we are personally a little more interested in Animal Pak’s Rage XL. We have linked in posts from the past on each products mentioned. So be sure to click through, read up, and be on the look out for 10 or more releases expected to hit the holiday season.

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