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Splyce launch reveals six part proprietary, Driven Sports first supplement since Craze

Driven Sports amino fuel Splyce showing up at stockists

Driven Sports previously confirmed two supplements that are on the way, one called Frenzy and the other Splyce. Of the two the amino fuel Splyce, has been the one with the most information uploaded, which the brand have now furthered by actually launching the product. As with all releases, the supplement’s arrival has brought with it Splyce’s contents. Revealing a single proprietary blend listing (in order) leucine, taurine, betaine anhydrous, isoleucine, valine, and the trademarked alpha-lactalbumin, FractoFuse. While the product’s exact BCAA dose isn’t listed on the label. Based on the fact that it features a 2:1:1 ratio, you can come up with a rough idea of it’s amount. As for variants, Driven Sports have produced Splyce in just the one 40 serving tub with two flavors, watermelon and fruit punch. As mentioned the supplement has been launched and is beginning to show up in retailers. Although it is still the other named product of Driven Sports that has our attention, Frenzy. The brand’s first entry back into the pre-workout market since Craze.

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