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Untitled pre-workout looking like Ergo Blast, exclusive ErgoGenix supplement two weeks out

ErgoGenix reveal a few more details for their untitled pre-workout

The last time we checked in with ErgoGenix on their upcoming pre-workout supplement we unofficially nicknamed Ergopre. The brand had confirmed two ingredients, 60mcg of vitamin B12 and 300mg of caffeine, a scoop size of 4.82g,

30 servings per tub, and that EgroPre is going to replace ErgoPump. In the past week Ergogenix have added to that list of details with a few more features including 1g of Con-Cret creatine HCl, 500mg of agmatine sulfate, and two non-transparent contents, tyrosine and n-methyltyramine HCl.

As for an official name, the brand have still yet to announce anything. However the blurred images they have been uploading are getting a lot of people guessing the title Ergo Blast. Unfortunately outside of the sneak peek pictures and additional ingredients, the only other piece of information we have is that the exclusive pre-workout will be coming in two flavors, strawberry kiwi and pineapple mango. The only things left to be revealed are the supplement’s remaining contents. Which should all be confirmed in the next two weeks, as ErgoGenix have promised April 14th as the launch date of their self proclaimed ‘game changer’.

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