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Glutamine Plus not as simple as it’s sounds, Betancourt confirm another new supplement

Betancourt confirm another new supplement Glutamine Plus

While yesterday saw Betancourt reveal the coming of the complex pump pre-workout Pump’D. Today brings something a little more simple, the advanced recovery supplement Glutamine Plus. Based on it’s title you can figure out pretty quickly what the main ingredient in the product is. However instead of just the one glutamine form, Betancourt have gone with four making use of regular l-glutamine, alpha-keto glutarate, Sustamine l-alanyl l-glutamine, and l-glutamine peptide 30%. To further enforce the ‘plus’ part of it’s name, Betancourt have also included an undisclosed dose of l-alanine in the supplement’s 5.3g glutamine blend, as well as 1g of vitamin C per serving. With news of both products essentially coming one after another, we can only assume Glutamine Plus is set to launch around the same time as Pump’D, which is expected to arrive somewhere in May.

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